Welcome on the sites of the Norwich Terrier kennel ABRAXAS.

we are a small kennel which is located in South of Germany and exists since 2003. In moment we are having one brood bitch and several Stud Dogs of excellent types. The health and quality of our offspring is most important for us. Our goal is to breed Norwich terriers which are bringing joy and happiness in their owner's life. Our dogs are living as family members together with us in our household. Before we plan a litter, we make thoughts about Breeding to find best possible mating. Normally we are having two litters each year. we raised 15 litters from 2005 to 2013. Since 2011 we have a Dandie Dinmont Terrier 'German Dandies' Robinson Crusoe'. He was shown 11 times at dog shows in 2012 and won several Junior titles, multiple BOB, BIG, 2 x Res.BIS and 1x Best of Day.

We are planning puppies in spring 2013!

December 2012:

We wish all our Norwich friends, our puppy byers and all Norwich owners Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

November 2012: Robbie got Best of Day!

At the first National Dog Show of all breeds in Karlsruhe on 10th November my beloved Robbie got BOB, BIG and Best of Day! He is just 13 months old and it was his 8th exhibition. The Norwich Terriers Wild Devils Indiana Jones and Ch.Abraxas E.T.'s Elliott were able to close their titles for German Champion VDH.

October 2012: Robbie & Cooper areour Winners of Dortmund and Lausanne

At the German Winner Show both boys were able to win their titles. Robbie: German Junior Winner and Cooper: German Veteran Winner. On the National Show in Dortmund Robbie became BOB and is German Junior Champion (VDH) now. Cooper won 3rd Place in Veteran-BIS! Also he became German Veteran Champion (VDH). In Lausanne Cooper got BOB out of Veteran Class in competition of 9 entered Norwich Terriers. In Group competition of FCI-Group 3 he was selected under the 8 best Terriers of the day. Robbie got on both days exc.1, JCAC, Best Junior and is Swiss Junior Champion now! Well done, Boys!


July 2012

the the dog show in Stuttgart E.T.Moon started in veteran class and later became BOB in age of 10 ½ ! Number of Entries:5. Her son Elliott won open class. He got CAC and BOS. He is new German Champion now!What a great Sunday!

July: In August we are expecting puppies!

Thanks for the great interest, but our list is full.

March 2012

Back from Munich after a quite successful day. Cooper and Hilde our ‘Couple of Day’ were simply the best! Both got CAC and CACIB. Hilde became BOB and Cooper became BOS. After Graz Hilde showed herself perfectly again and Cooper in age of nearly 8 years is only one step away from German Champion.

February 2012: Show start in Graz/A on 25th

Hilde did well and got exc.1, CAC, CACIB. She is new International and Austrian Champion now!

January 2012: 10 years E.T.Moon

On Sunday 15th January was a special day for us. On this date we celebrated the 10th birthday of our E.T.Moon. She is the basic of our breed. She is in every pedigree of our dogs.
Together with friends we spent this nice and sunny day. E.T.Moon is simply the best!


Welcome in 2012!

Dear Norwich-friends,
I wish you all the best for this year. Our Abraxas Apollinaris is no brood bitch anymore. After 4 litters with 16 puppies we decided to take her out of our breeding program. Still we are having two brood bitches now, Ch.Abraxas Head over heels and Int.Ch. Abraxas E.T.'s Elfe Moon. We are planning litters with both in summer. Since december we are having our new family member German Dandies' Robinson Crusoe. Robbie a Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Following some pics of our winter holiday in Tirol/Austria.


November 2011:

Int.Ch.Abraxas E.T.'s Elfe Moon is most successful Norwich Terrier in Germany 2011.
She was shown at 17 dog shows in 7 different countries. She won 9 champion titles and titles of day. She got 16 x CAC, 1 x Res.CAC,7 x CACIB,1 x Res.CACIB and 8 x Best of Breed. She was BOB at the Centenary Winner Show in Dortmund, at the Club Winner Show in Switzerland and also at the Norwich Specialty 2011 in Heppenheim/D. she was in strong competition on 3rd place in Champion class at World Dog Show in Paris . She was able to close her champion titles of following countries: Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Also she became International Champion FCI.
After 2009 and 2010 when Multi Ch. Abraxas E.T.'s Curd was most successful Norwich Terrier in Germany, we are proud that Elfe Moon was able to contnue these Successes in 2011.


October 2011: CACIB Koper/SLO:

We are proud to be able to tell that Multi Ch. Porrigito Ahoy became in age of 7 years Best of Breed on both show days and Champion of Slovenia. Elfe Moon was BOS and also became Champion of Slovenia.
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