E.T.Moon of little Bumble-Bee is the foundation bitch of our successful breeding. She is well educated dog at home and very showy in exhibition ring. She had 5 litters with high quality puppies. Curd and Elfe Moon are the most successful ones, both are Multi-Champions with 45 Champion-and Show titles together. In 2008 in age of 6 years she had her Comeback after break of 3 years with Res. Best in Show. Until now she is doing great job, she is simply the best!
Int.Champion FCI
Champion Luxembourg
Champion Germany/KFT
Champion Germany/VDH
Veteran Champion Luxembourg
Veteran Champion Germany
Veteran Champion Austria
Veteran Champion Switzerland
Veteran Champion Czech
Veteran Champion Slovakia
Veteran Champion Slovenia
Veteran Clubwinner Slovenia
Veteran Club Winner Switzerland
Multiple BOB and Best Veteran in Show Winner

We proudly present some of her most important offspring:
Ch.Abraxas Apollinaris
Sire: Int.Ch.Achill vom Tierfeund

She is our best brood bitch. She had four litters without complications. She is mother of Multi Ch. Abraxas Head Over Heels "Hilde"
Abraxas E.T.Ernity
Sire: Nico vom Tierfreund

She is successful brood bitch in Siam Star kennel/Thailand
Abraxas E.T.'s Benjamin
Sire: Freeman George of fountain
Multi.Ch. Abraxas E.T.'s Curd
Sire: Gryphon's Cyrus

He has 26 champion-and show titles. He is most successful Norwich in Germany 2009 + 2010.
Multi.Ch. Abraxas E.T.'s Elfe Moon
Sire: American NY Elliot v.Mandy's kessen Strolchen

She is last daughter of E.T.Moon and grand-daughter of World Winner and Multi.Ch. Rob Roy v. Prinzendamm. She has 19 champion and show titles and she is most successful Norwich in Germany 2011.
Abraxas E.T.’s Elliott
Sire: American NY Elliot v.Mandy's kessen Strolchen

He is the last son of E.T.Moon and Full-brother of Elfe Moon.
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