We are living in Pfullingen. It is a little town nearby Stuttgart in federal state Baden-Württemberg/Germany.

End of 2001 we decided to have a Norwich terrier. Few months later we got our E.T.Moon and it became our big love.
  E.T.Moon passed her BH-test in may 2003 and one month later she got her KfT-Jgd.Champion. We were so impressed of the breed Norwich terrier especially E.T.Moon of course that we wanted to have our own offspring. So we made first steps in the theme breeding but it should become a long expensive, sometimes difficult and sad way until we had our first litter. But we were able to stand it and it was worth.
Our kennel exists since 2003. E.T.Moon whelped her first puppies in 2005. We kept two daughters out of her. Apollinaris out of her first litter and Elfe Moon out of her last litter. Furthermore we kept two granddaughters of E.T.Moon as well. Hilde out of Apollinaris and Fairy Moon out of Elfe Moon. E.T.Moon and Hilde are retired now.

Our goal is to breed typical Norwich Terriers which are healthy and happy dogs. we are no producers of puppies. We try to find best homes for our 'kids' where they are able to live as beloved companion and full family member.

We like to keep in touch with the people who bought a puppy out of our kennel and most of them want the same. So we are always happy to hear some news of them. In 2013 we have one brood bitch in our household. We also have some dogs for stud which are living in separate homes. We like to go to exhibitions and show our offspring successfully in many countries. Our Elfe Moon is one of the most successful bitches in Germany.

Silke A. Steimle breeder & exhibitor

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